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Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance department is responsible for the upkeep of real property, structural, electrical, and plumbing systems of more than 4.0 million square feet of E&G buildings at the University. In most cases, the contents of buildings, as opposed to the real property, are the responsibility of the departments, which use them. Building Maintenance also provides service request to Auxiliary Organizations as a paying job.

Building Maintenance activities are divided into 6 main functional areas:

  • General & Preventative Maintenance
  • Keys and Locks
  • Electronic Building Access Control
  • Fire/Security Alarm Systems
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Elevator Maintenance

General & Preventative Maintenance

The General & Preventative Maintenance section maintains and makes minor repairs on all E&G buildings on campus to include plumbing, lighting, electrical, and structural systems within buildings. Request for carpet replacement is assessed by the Maintenance department. The Building Maintenance department also provides scheduled preventive maintenance work on all E&G buildings and systems. Large scale repairs are perfomed by the Facilities Enhancement area of the Physical Plant.

Keys and Locks

The Facilities Access shop is responsible for the initial issuance of keys for E&G buildings and for maintaining records of key identification and issuance. Physical Plant has the sole authority to duplicate those keys and to re-key locks. All requests for keys and re-keying must come from Deans/Directors/Building Supervisors or their designee.

The USF Tampa Campus is in the process of automating the key request. Some of the areas where this process has been automated are College of Engineering and College of Arts and Sciences. For areas that have automated systems, the requestor needs to contact their departmental representative for building access. For areas that have not been automated, a key request card needs to be completed and submitted by contacting the Service Center (ext 4-2845).

Under no circumstance should a department replace an E&G lock. If a lock need to be repaired or replaced, notify the Service Center of the problem and location of the lock. The Physical Plant Division is responsible for the repair and replacement of locks. Only Physical Plant is authorized to replace and install locks.

Electronic Building Access Control

The objective of the electronic Building Access Control system is to increase the security of the USF Tampa campus by better managing the access to its facilities. The objective is also to implement a system that enhances the University's security without disrupting education, research and other activities of the University.

Card access is used for managing access into the buildings. This is accomplished by using card readers on the doors of the various buildings.

To obtain access using the Electronic Building Access system, students/faculty/staff can contact their appropriate dean or director's office. They can also contact the building supervisor or Physical Plant.

Fire/Security Alarm Systems

The Fire/Security section is responsible for the security and fire alarms for the campus community. This includes regular testing and inspection of life safety systems, and maintenance of the central monitoring station.

Environmental Control Systems (Heating and Air Conditioning)

The Environmental Control Systems section is responsible for the operation of the HVAC systems including EMS controls. This includes repair services throughout the campus. Calls received by the Service Center are prioritized and relayed to the Environmental Control System section for service. The Building Maintenance Department also provides scheduled preventive maintenance work and filter changing on all campus E&G buildings.

Elevator Maintenance

An Elevator Maintenance contract is maintained by the department and is responsible for the efficient and safe operation of the campus elevators.