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     The Grounds department is responsible for the general appearance of the campus grounds. The Grounds department's main functions are the care and maintenance of campus grounds, roadways, refuse removal and recycling program.


     The Grounds department cares for trees, shrubs, grass, and flower beds on approximately 600 cultivated acres of the campus. Grass mowing, edging, and trimming and upkeep of flower beds are done on a scheduled basis during the growing season. The Grounds department also has crews that regularly perform general cleanup. 

     The Grounds department also maintains the irrigation system and sprinkler systems. The irrigation system has been automated for minimal water usage and for sustainability reasons.


     The Grounds department operates the campus recycling program and is reponsible for the refuse removal. Details are available on the Physical Plant Sustainability page.

Outdoor Fixtures

     The Grounds department is responsible for determining the best locations for tables, benches, and trash containers, in addition to emptying the containers daily.

Sidewalks and Roadways 

    Roads, curbs and sidewalks are cleaned and repaired by the Grounds department.