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Quality Assurance

    The Quality Assurance department, along with the various Physical Plant department managers,  organizes and manages Physical Plant compliance & regulatory issues, preventive maintenance, project turnovers, and documents library. It also coordinates and manages general quality issues for the division.

Compliance and Regulatory Issues 

    To ensure compliance with regulatory agencies, the Quality Assurance department performs various tasks such as reporting water usage to the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), coordinating  site visits and testing with the EPC and DEP, reviewing and tracking State Fire Marshall reports. 

Preventive Maintenance and Inspections 

    The Quality Assurance department reviews and reports information from building inspections and oversees the preventive maintenance scheduling system to ensure that building equipment is serviced properly. It also audits and updates the charging and reimbursement systems for the division. 

Project Turnover 

    The Quality Assurance department coordinates the turnover process when construction of new buildings and major renovations are completed.  This consists of scheduling training, group walk-throughs, and coordination between Facilities Planning & Construction Division and Physical Plant Division.

Documents Library 

    The Physical Plant Library is also organized and catalogued by Quality Assurance.  It contains information on Tampa campus’ buildings and systems, such as warranties, project files, drawings, and operation & maintenance manuals.