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Vehicle Maintenance

     The Vehicle Maintenance department provides for the upkeep of all university-owned cars, trucks, vans, tractors, carts, boats, and turf equipment. Department activities are divided into two main functional areas: Regular and Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Service.

Regular and Preventive Maintenance

     The purpose of our Preventive Maintenance program is to keep our vehicles in a "serviceable" condition for the expected life of the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the owner department to contact the Vehicle Maintenance facilities for services.

Emergency Services

     Vehicle Repair offers emergency service for university vehicles on campus in need of towing due to a breakdown.


     There are no labor charges to repair E&G automobiles, however materials and contract labor will be charged. All departments are charged for both labor and materials on repairs to carts/people movers. Auxiliary organizations are charged for labor, repair parts and supplies required. Any work performed on vehicles or equipment that is subcontracted out is charged to E&G departments and auxiliary organizations in its entirety (labor and parts). Please contact Physical Plant for details.

Fueling of University Vehicles

     Fueling for all USF Vehicles can be done at the fueling station located in the Physical Plant compound. The station offers unleaded gasoline and diesel fuels. Departments interested in using the facilities must have University staff/student identification card and submit a Gas Pump Authorization Form. Billing for fuel service is automated and billed monthly to the individual departmental accounts. Questions concerning the fueling program should be directed to the Vehicle Maintenance Shop (Extension 4-2500).